Family Connect Missional Community

Vision and values:

Family Connect is an opportunity for all ages to come and enjoy community together, to reach out to the families in our local community sharing God’s love through running a number of informal, family friendly events throughout the year as a platform from which to build relationships with community, each other and God.

Why Family Connect?

Family Connect has a specific focus on reaching out to families which as we all know, families come in different shapes and sizes. As a missional community we want to do life together so we can support each other as we reach out and share God’s love to the families we naturally come across in our everyday lives. By arranging courses and events open to families as a platform for building relationships to be made and grown, fun, and most importantly an opportunity to share the Gospel in an age appropriate way. Family connect will be flavoured by those who are in the group, who have a vision to reach out to families in different circumstances. We are God’s team on a mission going where he leads us. 

The function of those in the Family Connect is to come up with the ideas, planning, preparation, support and prayer into them. Being a team that makes these things happen so that others in the church can attend and be invitational to others. 

The kinds of events we currently are looking to run: 

  • Coffee & Kids Friday and Sunday events

  • Light party

  • Parenting courses

  • Marriage courses

  • Games evenings (aimed at our pre-youth)

  • Kids camp

  • Praise parties

For more details, please contact Matt Warren & Estie Warren