Kids Camp

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sending your children on Kids Camp. We were richly blessed to have them and we had such a fantastic adventure with them. It is such a special place up there on the hill overlooking Oxfordshire. From the moment we opened the camp with an official march complete with vuvuzelas to the final prayer as we thanked God for super weekend, He was present and I hope your children grow and are strengthened in their faith. I loved seeing them run wild and free in the woods, creating games and dens and I also love seeing them in little groups on Sunday morning having their quiet times and sharing powerful insights with their leaders. God speaks to children and they listen often more quickly and clearly than us.

We said thank you at the Queen’s Tea Celebration but I want to reiterate how privileged we were to have Annetta, Ruth, Nick, Toni and Kevin to love and serve the children. They worked their socks off and we certainly had a formidable team.

May the rest of your summer be good.
With love

Richard and Tessa