CAP UK Training


Debt Centre Volunteer Training

Have you thought of getting involved in the Debt Centre's work? Could you be a friend to one of our clients while they pay off their debts? Have you wondered what it might involve?

Then Empower Training is for you! This training looks at the role of a debt centre volunteer, what it means to befriend a client and how you could use your skills to support the centre's work.
We are running Empower Training at Wallingford Baptist Church on Tuesday 7th November 7-10pm - please come along to find out more!

For those who wish to join the visit team (or those already involved!) - supporting the debt coaches and clients through the process of setting up a debt management plan - there is Journey Out of Debt training. A chance to explore the role further, to understand the process CAP works through and what is required, and to consider how we share our faith with clients. This session is running on Saturday 9th December from 9am-1pm (venue TBC)

If you'd like to know more or plan to come to either session, please contact Sue Bright on 07741 472182 or