Got Questions about life? #TryAlpha

Alpha is a course of thirteen sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. It is for anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith and those who have no faith and just want to ask some questions about Christianity.

You are invited to come along each Tuesday to 32 Ridgeway Road, OX11 8HQ to talk, watch a short film and enjoy a pudding together.

Course details are from 9th Oct onwards:

8pm for arrivals and drinks

8.15 - Pudding

8.30 - Short Film

9.00 - Discussion in small groups

9.30 - Finish

It is a no pressure course and everyone is free to come and go as they please. Paul Gander leads the courses with volunteers from the Church.

More info on Alpha is here, or to sign up to the next one at King’s Church please email Paul Gander