We have a vibrant and thriving children’s work at our church. Children are VERY welcome within the church and enjoy the flags and crafts during the worship before they go off to their sessions.

About half our congregation is under the age of 18! Teaching and fun for young people are really important to us. We have three age-specific groups for children at pre-school and primary school ages, and a youth group for older children. All of our children’s workers are DBS-checked and required to attend child protection training.

Crèche (age 0 – 3.5 years)

Jesus took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:16. We want our smallest children to experience God's love and blessing in the creche. The creche is set up each week with a variety of toys, books and activities for the children to enjoy, and includes a simple Bible story each week. 

Kids Club (AGE 3.5 -year 2)

Games, craft, stories, music and fun are all to be had at Kids Club. Each child is a valued member of the group, and our goal is to share God's love with them and encourage them to do things God's way. The children have memory verses and it would be great if you could look out for these and encourage them to learn them.

Club 10:53 (year 3 – year 6)

Club 10:53 is for children of ages 7 to 11 (10:53 is 7 minutes to 11). We begin each session with welcome and registration, and then start the main activities. These may include games, crafts, Bible stories, drama, quizzes and prayer. Different memory verses are chosen for each term, with chocolates and other treats for those who can remember them and we encourage children to bring their Bibles. We use online resources from Urban Saints which follow a variety of different themes.

Y Zone (year 7 – year 13)

A typical Y-Zone session takes place on Sunday mornings during the sermon slot at church and includes a mixture of games, activities and discussion based around a Bible passage. Our intention is that every young person develops a personal relationship with Jesus, knows the power of the Holy Spirit in their life and learns to feed on the word of God. You never knew scripture tasted so good! Matt and Jen Dolan currently oversee our Youth.