Missional Communities are the backbone of missional and discipleship activity in The King’s Church

Over the last year God has been calling us to ‘reshape to reach out’ so that we can better share His love with many, many people in our towns and villages. We believe Missional Communities are a key part of God’s plan to help us do this. Christian faith has a corporate expression as well as being a personal journey—together we are described as the body of Christ. Real community is an essential building block of the church. It is a vehicle for mission and a place for discipleship.

Church should not have to be about ‘consuming’ a service every Sunday, but rather should be about each believer living out a genuine walk of discipleship and faith amongst other ordinary people, both inside and outside the church. It’s about being part of a team and contributing to the life and mission of the body.

Missional Communities are mid-sized groups, made up of people who have a similar missional heart, focus or calling in life. They are places to be known, supported and challenged to go deeper in relationship with each other and to grow as disciples of Jesus, fulfilling our church vision of Love God. They are a great opportunity for leadership and skills development as well as for practising spiritual gifts, which is often limited in a Sunday service setting. They are outward-focused and easy to become part of - a mid-sized Missional Community of 20 to 40 people is easier for new people to get involved with than a small group, and easier to build relationships in than a big Sunday congregation.

Missional communities enable us to live out our Church Vision of Loving God, Building Church and Reaching Out.